Dear tenants, neighbours and denizens of the house at Maakri 23!

Today we have gathered here to celebrate the 100th birthday of our house, and just like any other 100th jubilee, it is really worth celebrating. We are glad that you found time to come over! We live and work here side by side, so this is a good reason to come together and have a nice chat.

We distributed the jubilee albums that, just like our new webpage at, introduce the history of our house that is also a fraction of the history of Tallinn, of the development and restructuring of this district after the 1990s and restoration of the independence of Estonia.

This is the story of the Birk family who lived and worked here for several centuries, and in 1820 set up a dyeing and dry cleaning shop, one of the first ones in the region of the Baltic Sea. Can you imagine, dry cleaning service has been provided here for almost 200 years! Be it the feudal age, communist era or war time, it has been the place for picking up immaculate looking clothes !

It is a nice tradition to give the jubilarian presents. As the house owners, we give our house a new gas heating system to keep the feet of the jubilarian as well as all the denizens warm!

And for you, dear tenants, neighbours and denizens, we installed a sensational novelty that will take your life quality to the next level - namely, a weather station. From now on, there will be no guessing as to the weather in your life.

No, from now on, you will have firm knowledge instead of just hope. Just have a look at the stone and everything is clear!

Since today, the house will be called BirkHaus after the original builders and long-term denizens of the house. We also designed a new logo for the house. We would be pleased if you started to use the new name so that we all could show where our home is.

Almost all users of the house are involved in beauty in a broader sense: be they jewellery sellers, hairdressers, owners of tanning salons, providers of cleaning services or track and field athletes. Attorneys can also have "beautiful" court processes.

I wish you a pleasant time with the jubilarian and its denizens. Make sure to eat, drink and have fun!

100 years is worth it!

Thank you for your attention!